Website Copywriting

It’s impossible for companies doing business today to ignore the value of the digital world. Writing a website is just the tip of the iceberg, with social media, digital marketing, mobile content and user experience (UX) now seen as essential elements of the marketing mix by companies large and small.


First thing’s first – until your website writing is up to scratch, forget about trying to build your online presence elsewhere. Get the basics right. Research your keywords and optimise your content accordingly. Write a home page that compels your audience to read on. Make it easy for visitors to contact you. Use analytics to find out what’s working and what isn’t.


Simplicity is critical when you’re writing a website. Use Plain English. A ten-year-old should be able to understand what your website is telling them. Online attention spans are short. All creative writing falls into one of three categories: inform, persuade or entertain. Keep this in mind with every page you write. Do you want to inform, persuade or entertain? Will this page do that? Can it be improved? Can it be simplified? Include a strong call to action telling your reader what to do next.


Whether you’re developing a new website or making improvements to an existing website, I can help you by crafting SEO (search engine optimised) copy that will engage your audience in the right way. Here’s a handy list of the kind of website writing I can help you with:

  • Corporate

  • Educational

  • eCommerce

  • Landing pages

  • Blogs

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter to help with your website writing, just contact me with details of your project and we’ll take it from there. Feel free to take a look at my freelance copywriting portfolio for samples of my work.