Think carefully about language and tone of voice. Choose your words wisely.

Think carefully about language and tone of voice. Choose your words wisely.

Social media has transformed the way brands and consumers interact with each other, providing two-way communication channels that never really existed before. Companies use social media for everything from brand storytelling to customer service. There really is no one-size-fits-all, so different brands adopt different approaches.


American novelist, Nathaniel Hawthorne, said: “Easy reading is damned hard writing.” That’s especially the case with social media copywriting (not that he could have known!) Character restrictions and short attention spans mean every word must count. You don’t have tons of space to play with and you don’t have lots of time to persuade your reader to take action. Make your point clearly and concisely. And choose your words wisely.


Aside from selecting the most appropriate social media channels to reach your target audience, making social media work for your brand involves using the language and tone of voice that your audience expects. Don’t make the mistake of being over-familiar or too informal. If you’re a law firm, your clients will still expect a certain level of professionalism. If you’re a confectionery brand, you’ll probably get away with something a bit wackier. Either way, make sure your social media copy suits your brand voice.


By getting to know your business and learning what you want from your social media marketing, I’ll write engaging posts that speak to your audience. I’ve listed some of the types of social media content I can help you with here:

  • Blogs

  • Facebook pages

  • Facebook posts

  • Twitter posts

  • Instagram posts

  • LinkedIn company profiles

If you’re on the lookout for a social media copywriter, why not contact me now with details of your project? Feel free to take a look at my freelance copywriting portfolio for samples of my work.

Please note: I’m happy to write your blogs, posts, tweets and social media profiles, but I don’t offer a social media management service, so your content will be delivered in Word format ready for you to post/share.