It can sometimes be difficult for me as a copywriter to draw a line between digital copywriting and print copywriting: press releases are distributed through newswires, blog posts are printed in trade magazines and it's not always clear where copy will end up.


Even so, there are some types of writing that at least start out life with a printed intention. I can help you with printed promotional copywriting for things like corporate brochures, direct mail and university prospectuses. Keep reading to find out more.



Having the support of a freelance copywriter can be invaluable at busy times. A lot of press and PR (public relations) teams hire me to write things like feature articles, press releases and case studies. I can also help if you don't have your own PR team but want to promote your company or engage in media discussions that affect your here to find out more.


In our digital age, most companies understand the value of online marketing, but many still need copywriting support for their traditional offline marketing materials too. Lots of marketing teams hire me to write things like brochures, guides and university prospectuses. I also work with companies who don't have their own marketing here to find out how I can help you breathe life into your brand voice.


Business writing shouldn't mean dull writing. Report writing can still be interesting, exciting and inspiring. When you’re writing for business, your purpose is usually to inform, but there’s no point writing at all if you can’t engage your reader. Business writing should be clear, concise and free from corporate here to find out how I can help with things like business reports, executive summaries and formal letters.


If you have a print copywriting project that I can help you with, just contact me with details. Or visit my digital copywriter / digital content writer page for more about my freelance copywriting work in digital communications.