We now spend more time viewing content online than watching TV.

We now spend more time viewing content online than watching TV.

Mobile digital content is transforming the way we live our lives. From reading the news, to watching movies, to shopping. It’s all going mobile. And this isn’t just a passing fad. It’s a seismic shift in the way we find stuff out, buy things and entertain ourselves.

We’re now spending more time viewing mobile content than watching TV, so it’s only a matter of time before marketing spend starts to reflect that and mobile digital content spend starts to overtake television advertising spend.

In order to create great mobile content, we need to use powerful language.


A mobile app acts as a digital portal for your business. An app creates brand awareness, helps to build your email list and provides you with a platform for pushing out content. It can also act as your digital shop front, allowing customers to buy your products or services quickly and easily – and often impulsively.

Get your language right and your mobile app could become one of your company’s greatest assets. Mobile app users want specific information – perhaps to compare products, find the answer to a question or solve a problem. Whatever they’re looking for, they want it quickly. No messing around. And a small screen means your mobile content must be short, focused and easy to understand. No exceptions.


Mobile-friendly websites are a great choice for companies who struggle to keep up with designing and developing mobile apps for every new smartphone or tablet that comes onto the market. By creating mobile optimised websites, you can reach your target market without having to invest heavily into mobile app development.

Again, language is key. Optimising your website for mobile involves using simple and impactful words. Catchy headlines. Short sentences. Bullet points. Use them all. With mobile copywriting, you must have one goal in mind and ruthlessly strip out everything that doesn’t directly relate to it. Don’t force mobile users to scroll down unless it’s absolutely necessary. Get your message across quickly and concisely.


There’s no doubt about it; mobile gaming is big business. If you’re going to talk to gamers with a consistent, engaging voice, a professional copywriter can help to tie everything together – from in-game text and web content, to email marketing, product descriptions and social media. Make sure your language and tone of voice work together throughout and you’re more likely to stand out from the crowd.


I’ll get to know your business and find out what you want your mobile content to achieve. Then I’ll create engaging copy to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re improving your existing mobile content or developing a new app, mobile-optimised website or mobile game, contact me now with details of your project.