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DIGITAl copywriting


“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne.


If you’re wondering what the difference is between a digital copywriter and a digital content writer, there’s a simple answer: nothing!


The digital world isn’t interested in waffle or “filler” words. It cares about search engine optimisation (SEO), rankings, keywords and conversions. As a digital copywriter, I’ll hide your carefully researched keywords among ordinary ones to get your message across. No fluff. But no keyword stuffing either.

HIRing a DIGITAL content writer TO Hook your readers

You can only tell your story if people are listening. If you want your digital copy to hook your reader, it must form an emotional connection with your audience. As a digital content writer, I turn lists of keywords into meaningful and measurable persuasive copy for... 


Web Pages

It’s impossible for companies doing business today to ignore the value of the digital world. First thing’s first – until your website copywriting is up to scratch, forget about trying to build your online presence elsewhere. Get the basics right. Research your keywords and optimise your content accordingly…


Email Marketing

Billions of people worldwide check their email daily, so it’s no surprise that email marketing can be really effective if it’s done properly. Email marketing falls into two categories: Engagement email marketing tells your story and transactional email marketing sells your product or service…


Digital Content

Whether you’re producing an infographic, case study or tutorial, if you’re going to create digital content, you might as well make it GREAT digital content. The language you use could make or break your content marketing campaign, so think really carefully about your words…


Social Media

Companies use social media for everything from brand storytelling to customer service. But short attention spans mean that every word must count. You don’t have tons of space to play with and you don’t have lots of time to persuade your reader to act. So choose your words wisely…


Just contact me for more about how I can help with your digital copywriting project. Or take a look at my print copywriting page to find out how I can help with your offline / printed communications.